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Ledger Team Update

· 2 min read
Alexey Kuleshevich

High level summary

Major milestone was reached this period. We've implemented CIP-0069 that improves PlutusV3 functionality by making spending datums optional and enforcing all scripts to have exactly one argument. This feature allows for spending scripts to be usable for other purposes, like minting for example.

Couple of important bugs have been fixed:

  • Script execution for certificates with the same plutus script did not execute correctly.
  • Prevent delegation to a non-existent pool.

With this feature complete and a few bug fixes we were also able to mark Conway era and CIP-1694 as feature complete and ready for release. Naturally, testing of Conway era will continue all the way into the hard fork.

Low level summary


  • pull-4374 - CIP-0069
  • pull-4394 - Fix Certifying Redeemer issue
  • pull-4400 - Check that the pool being delegated to exists for ConwayDelegCert
  • pull-4409 - Update to plutus-ledger-api-1.30


  • pull-4384 - Re-enabled Full NewEpochstate test
  • pull-4397 - Add a lens to HasSubState
  • pull-4399 - New simple examples for maps
  • pull-4403 - constrained-generators: Add lookup_ for maps
  • pull-4414 - constrained-generators: Hotfix failing test
  • pull-4411 - constrained-generators: introduce a hook for naming variables

Infrastructure and releasing

  • pull-4424 - GHA: Downgrade the version of actions/upload-artifact
  • pull-4426 - Take care of all compiler warnings for GHC-9.8
  • pull-4407 - Change the default ghc version to 9.6.5
  • pull-4416 - Bump urllib3 from 1.26.18 to 1.26.19 in /doc