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Mithril Team Update

· 2 min read
Jean-Philippe Raynaud

High level overview

This week, the Mithril team released the threat modeling explainer for the documentation website. They also continued implementing the certification of Cardano transactions in Mithril networks and the low-latency certification with the retrieval of transactions using the chain sync mini-protocol and Pallas. Additionally, the team started redacting a draft CIP for the diffusion of Mithril signatures through the Cardano network.

Finally, they fixed a bug that prevented the verification of the transactions included in the last certified block and improved the WASM client's documentation.

Low level overview

  • Completed the issue Threat modeling and risk analysis #1350
  • Completed the issue Implement database connection pooling for Cardano transaction repository #1760
  • Completed the issue Import Cardano transactions by sequences of block ranges #1766
  • Completed the issue Limit Cardano transactions prover input #1757
  • Completed the issue Transactions of the block number in the artifact are never certified by the prover #1762
  • Completed the issue Add missing pre-requisite to build WASM client #1753
  • Worked on the issue Import Cardano transactions with ChainReader #1705
  • Worked on the issue CIP for Mithril signature diffusion through Cardano network #1775
  • Worked on the issue Optimize Cardano transaction prover performances with parallelization #1756
  • Worked on the issue Cardano signatures are not produced on testing-sanchonet #1750
  • Worked on the issue Lint Markdown/JavaScript files in repository #1754