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Ledger Team Update

· 2 min read
Alexey Kuleshevich

High level summary

This period we added some last minute changes that were necessary for improving resilience and safety of Conway implementation:

  • Authorization of hot credentials for constitutional committee members is now only possible for cold credentials that are present in the ledger state, either in the current committee or in one of the proposals.
  • Voting is restricted to entities that are present in the ledger state
  • DRep votes will be removed whenever DRep unregisters
  • Pricing model for the size of reference scripts was changed from linear to exponential. Moreover, extra limits on the total size of reference scripts being used have been put in place.

Low level summary


  • pull-4430 - CostModel json parsing
  • pull-4438 - Fix UTXOW era in diagrams for Conway
  • pull-4443 - Make reference scripts fee grow exponentially with size
  • pull-4436 - Authorize known cc members only
  • pull-4433 - Improve resilience of future PParams
  • pull-4453 - Tx refscript size check
  • pull-4452 - Prevent votes for non existent entities
  • pull-4450 - BBODY refscript size check


  • pull-4417 - constrained-generators: use consistent warning pragma
  • pull-4431 - constrained-generators: fix flakyness in set generator
  • pull-4312 - Convert AlonzoValidTxUTXOW to ImpTest (Part 1)
  • pull-4386 - Increase the size of the committee for testing
  • pull-4425 - Conformance test plumbing: EPOCH
  • pull-4442 - Update executable-spec SRP
  • pull-4405 - Add more scripts to alonzo utxosspec
  • pull-4445 - Conformance tests plumbing: NEWEPOCH
  • pull-4460 - Remove unnecessary allocation in non-integral reference code
  • pull-4457 - Conformance: POOL: Translate and adjust

Infrastructure and releasing