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Mithril Team Update

· 2 min read
Jean-Philippe Raynaud

High level overview

This week, the Mithril team continued implementing the certification of Cardano transactions in Mithril networks. They completed the low-latency certification with the retrieval of transactions using the chain sync mini-protocol and Pallas and worked on fixing some bugs occurring during the warmup phase of the signer and aggregator. They also worked on supporting the new Cardano node version 8.12 and kept redacting a draft CIP for the diffusion of Mithril signatures through the Cardano network.

Finally, the team fixed a bug that prevented the parsing of some blocks in the SanchoNet network and made some optimizations on the databases of the signer and aggregator.

Low level overview

  • Completed the issue Import Cardano transactions with ChainReader #1705
  • Completed the issue Cardano signatures are not produced on testing-sanchonet #1750
  • Completed the issue SQLite WAL files are not truncated in signer and aggregator #1707
  • Completed the issue Conditional embedding of Cardano CLI in Docker images #1725
  • Worked on the issue CIP for Mithril signature diffusion through Cardano network #1775
  • Worked on the issue Optimize Cardano transaction prover performances with parallelization #1756
  • Worked on the issue Upgrade Cardano node 8.12.2 #1787
  • Worked on the issue Aggregator/Signer preload transactions when Cardano transactions certification is not activated #1782
  • Worked on the issue Cardano transaction importer does not import the last block advertised as certified #1785
  • Worked on the issue Lint Markdown/JavaScript files in repository #1754