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Network Team Update

· 2 min read
Marcin Szamotulski

High-level overview of sprint 65

Karl Knutsson (CF) fixed a bug which prevented a node using bootstrap peers to sync using them, for a more detailed description see ouroboros-network#4899.

Earlier this year we fixed bugs in IOSimPOR which prevent us from using it in ouroboros-network (io-sim#153, io-sim#159); since ouroboros-network#4872 was merged we have a large number of tests that are using IOSimPOR's schedule exploration. In the last sprint we fixed some bugs discovered by IOSimPOR in ouroboros-network:

We continued working on new tx-submission logic: ouroboros-network#3311 as well as on Genesis. The work on Genesis is split in a few PRs which are currently in review process:

  • Big Ledger Peer Targets for Genesis - ouroboros-network#4832
  • Feed peer selection governor with big ledger peers obtained from a snapshot - ouroboros-network#4850
  • Introduction of serialization instances in support of ledger peer snapshot - ouroboros-network#4851
  • Verification of big ledger peer snapshot file - [ouroboros-network#4888]

High-level overview of sprint 64

Karl Knutsson (CF) modified peer sharing behaviour to not share peers whith which connections failed, see ouroboros-network#4883 for more details.

We fixed inbound governor counters tracer, see ouroboros-network#4885.