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Jordan Millar

Node-Api-Cli Quarterly Update

2022-09 - 2022-11-04

  • Various improvements to tests/CI/GHC 9.2.4 preparations/upgrade to cabal-
  • Major clean up of stale iusses + PRs.
  • Implementation of stale-bot to mitigate against a proliferation of outdated issues and PRs
  • cardano-api refactoring with the aim of exposing more user friendly functions, particularly concerning transaction construction and querying the node.
  • cardano-cli refactoring with the aim of moving reusable functions to cardano-api. We have made strides here and have managed to improve the interface of transaction construction and validation.
  • General documentation updates and improvements
  • Addition of tx-mempool command which allows users to:
    • Query the node about the current mempool's capacity and sizes
    • Request the next transaction from the mempool's current list
    • Query if a particular transaction exists in the mempool
  • Initial refactoring of cardano-testnet

Next quarter

  • cardano-api
    • Working with Konstantinos and his team to make cardano-api better for dapp developers - we have a google doc for this, I can send it to you privately.
  • cardano-testnet
  • Serenity
    • Continued refactoring of cardano-api and cardano-cli, with the particular focus on extracting re-usable components of cardano-cli and moving them to cardano-api. This is harder to define but will manifest in stuff moving from cardano-cli to cardano-api and is tied in to the cardano-api work specified above.
  • General bug fixing and smaller feature requests for the api/cli that are always coming in. Robert is primarily handling this at the moment as he is relatively new.